How to Create A Real Data-Driven AML Compliance Program that Works

Every financial institution is “data-driven”. The challenge is how to build a real data-driven program that is effective and leverages the right data to create a compliance program that proactively deals with suspicious activity. 

In this webinar, Kal Ghadban, Director of Analytics and Data Science and Michel Caluori, Delivery Manager at CaseWare Analytics outlines many of the challenges in existing anti-money laundering programs and how to leverage people, processes and technology to grow these programs to meet more than just regulatory compliance requirements. They also discuss how AML programs can be structured so that everyone from your front-line staff to your IT department can be involved in the prevention of fraud and increasing the bottom line. 

This webinar is designed for Chief AML and Chief Risk Officers of financial institutions and will cover the following learning objectives: 

  • People: Aside from the compliance department, what other people need to be involved in the prevention of money laundering 
  • Processes: How to replace unproductive and low-value manual processes with automation that allows compliance departments to spend more time evaluating risks and suspicious activity 
  • Technology: What technologies are available to support people and processes and can more effectively detect and prevent suspicious activity 

Meet the Presenters




Kal Ghadban
Director and Data Analytics and Data Science
CaseWare Analytics  



Michel Caluori
Delivery Manager 
CaseWare Analytics 


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